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CCSVI is generally diagnosed using Doppler Ultrasound of the neck veins to detect blood flow abnormalities. An ultrasound to detect CCSVI requires specialist training, and currently only a few Australian sonographers have been able to master it:

• Dr Julie Gregg, (temporarily unavailable due to relocation), VIC

• Ms Jayne Chambers, Specialist Vein Care,VIC

• Mr Warren Lewis, Vascular One, NSW

An ultrasound of the neck veins is subsidised by Medicare with a GP or specialist referral.



balloon angioplasty – to correct vascular obstructions

Balloon angioplasty can be performed by an Interventional Radiologist (IR). The following Australian Interventional Radiologist is experienced treating CCSVI:

• Dr Manfred Spanger, The Valley Private Hospital, VIC, (email Dr Spanger with your name, phone number, date of birth, medical history and symptoms)