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“During my 5 years as CEO of MS Australia – ACT/NSW/VIC I witnessed the introduction of several new treatments for MS and was privvy to many new research projects. Some of these treatments provided moderate improvements for people living with MS but the raw impact of people treated for CCSVI was significant and dramatic. I have met and observed many people with MS who have undergone the angioplasty procedure and have been encouraged by the positive outcomes. While we are yet to understand if CCSVI causes MS or if MS triggers the venous obstructions and subsequent disabilities it is important that people with MS be given the choice to determine the suitability of the angioplasty procedure and to have free and ready access to the best vascular surgeons who are trained in Dr Zamboni’s methodology. It is also critical that research funding be made available to find answers to so many questions. I believe that there is a strong link between MS and CCSVI.” (Bill Younger, former-CEO MS Australia – ACT/NSW/VIC)

“I was treated in Poland and California. Best thing I ever did!” (Jason Kaye, MS Society of Canada (Alberta Division) Board Member)

“There is considerable evidence for a venous aetiology in MS. The exact nature of this venous pathogenesis needs to be clarified so that diverse treatments including interventional (angioplasty), pharmacological and nutritional modalities can be optimised.” (Dr Paul Thibault, phlebologist, Australia)

“I am confident that this could be a revolution for the research and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.”  (Dr Paolo Zamboni, Vascular Surgeon, Italy)

 “I had a liberation procedure by his team three years ago, with consequent immediate improvement of my condition. I am a firm believer that CCSVI will soon be scientifically proven to cause MS and finally MS sufferers will have the proper treatment.”  (Dr Gianfranco Campalani, Cardiac Surgeon, Ireland)

“I have almost 40 years experience in interventional radiology….My experience is that Dr Zamboni’s hypothesis is undeniable” (Dr Salvatore Sclafani, Science Advisory Board Member of the Annette Funicello Fund for Neurological Disorders and Interventional Radiologist, USA)

 “I speak for the entire BNAC-JNI (Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Centre-Jacobs Neurological Institute) research team and Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman to let you know that this particular research is having an impact like no other we have known….If we can prove the hypothesis that CCSVI is the underlying cause of MS, then it is going to change the face of how we understand the disease.” (Dr Robert Zivadinov, Associate Professor of Neurology, USA)

“The possibility that venous reflux, reversal of flow, and venous hypertension are the primary inciting causes of at least some forms of MS is currently a defensible hypothesis” (Dr.  Bruce Weir, former Chief of Neurosurgery and Director of the Brain Research Institute of the Pritzker School of Medicine and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, Canada and Vice-President of Medical Affairs at the  University of Calgary, Canada)

The autoimmune theory has not been confirmed …anyone who has a venous drainage problem should have it treated(Dr David Hubbard, neurologist, USA)

“ It is important … to be cognizant of the different and somewhat antagonistic views and goals of the two groups that comprise the MS family – those that live with MS and those that live off MS.”  (Dr Ashton Embry, founder of charitable society  “MS-Direct”, Canada)

“Patients with MS have a right to understand what this new model is about.  When I looked into it to see for myself if Dr Zamboni was on to something, I was shocked at how many existing MS research studies supported the CCSVI concept.” (Marie Rhodes, Science Advisory Board Member of the Annette Funicello Fund for Neurological Disorders and Author of CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis: The Science Behind the Controversial Theory)