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I will never die wondering – my journey with CCSVI.

After an inconclusive ultrasound, I decided to go ahead with the CCSVI procedure.  On March 10 2016, I underwent a venoplasty and found my left jugular valve was so blocked that the surgeon had to enter the vein under the ear. I felt the pressure build and then let go as my valve released and the blood began to flow again.

After two days, I felt I was walking better but maybe that was because I had had complete rest? I was not sure.

After four days I was now sure I was walking better and my limp had started to disappear. I had a little more stamina.


Two weeks on and I was walking upstairs without a struggle and my bladder had settled a bit without the urgency. My thinking had cleared as well.

Five weeks on… I have hung out the washing!!! I had not had the stamina and balance to do that for several years. I am no longer using my stool for washing the dishes or preparing vegetables.

Every day I feel stronger and more able to do things. There are many subtle changes but some quite noticeable ones as well. Walking, balance, stamina, tolerance, steadiness on my feet, bladder, recovery time from being legless…all are better!
What a long way I have come.

At six months I have experienced many, many changes for the better. No, the improvements have not continued in a stratospheric rise, but every week at yoga I notice something that has improved since last week. I am now using my arm crutch for distance walking only, my stick is used for everything else (and sometimes no walking aid at all). Very few falls is probably my most important improvement as breaking limbs always impedes mobility (I’ve had two broken legs, knee, ribs, foot…the list goes on)

At the 4-week mark, I set the following as my aim: to walk first without my arm crutch, just using my walking stick and then to walk without using a stick. If I can do that by March next year I will be so happy.

It is now a long time until March and I am already more than half way there. YEAH!!!!!!



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