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Update 29th March 2020: We’re still here!

Today the CCSVI Australia board met on Zoom with Helen Kavnoudias from The Alfred.

Where are things at with CCSVI and research into the vascular connection in Multiple Sclerosis in Australia?

The Alfred have been looking specifically at the perivascular spaces of the brain, toxic clearance and pressures in the brain. They have submitted an abstract for review for this year’s CIRSE which was scheduled for Munich in September this year with the view for Professor Ken Thomson to present. We do not know whether this will proceed given COVID-19 and the uncertainty in medicine around the world, however you can read the Abstract here.

The take home message is that there was a significant improvement in disability level in people after two years post treatment and further research into the vascular/endothelial cell component in the pathogenesis of MS warrants further investigation.


CCSVI Australia is still here, The Alfred continue to have vascular research in MS on their agenda and the research continues. For now though, as in many areas, we are in a holding pattern until the COVID-19 crisis passes.


Be well everyone,


CCSVI Australia Team