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We are a registered charity with the following Purpose:


To remain abreast of international advances in the understanding and treatment of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) and associated discoveries.

To supply accurate information to all interested parties including, but not limited to,

a.      those seeking testing for, and treatment of, CCSVI

b.      medical researchers and practitioners

c.       government at all levels

d.      related community-support organisations.

To lobby for treatment of CCSVI to be readily available to all Australians and for the costs to be covered by Medicare.

To raise funds for CCSVI research.

To ensure the interests of people with CCSVI have continued representation and that the understanding and treatment of CCSVI continues to advance.


We are also all volunteers who have MS, or love someone who does.


At the moment, vascular obstructions associated with CCSVI are treated in the private health care system using balloon angioplasty. If this treatment was subsidised by Medicare, it would be accessible to more people with MS. If the CCSVI research trial at The Alfred hospital completes, and shows that treating CCSVI using balloon angioplasty reduces the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, the Federal Government have indicated that they will be subsidise this treatment under Medicare.

This is the reason why CCSVI Australia is raising money to complete the CCSVI trial at The Alfred!