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At CCSVI Australia we value being transparent with the monies we receive and where it is distributed.  Last financial year to June 2014, 97.7% of donations was moved to our Research Trust Account.  We also keep a running tally on our website of the monies that have been received in total for the Alfred Study most of which has been paid directly to the research study. (See the thermometer on our website – currently over $191,000).
For more details of our financials, and summaries of our work to June 2014, see our Annual Reports.
Your financial support contributes to the study of the prevalence of venous abnormalities in people with MS, and the effectiveness of treating them with venous angioplasty.  At completion, 160 people will have opportunity to be helped directly as well as providing scientific evidence in hope that this treatment will be available to all Australians with neurological conditions and impaired brain blood drainage.
In Australia, angioplasty treatments have been performed for over thirty years on obstructed veins and arteries.  Currently in Australia, if you have an obstructed jugular vein and Multiple Sclerosis, accessing treatment is difficult and not covered on Medicare.  We hope our work will end this discrimination.

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