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After reading about CCSVI on the internet and Facebook I went and had my veins scanned to see if I had poor blood flow due to partial blockages in my neck veins. After suffering from MS for over 20 years you give everything a try and it seemed to make sense to me. I spoke to my neurologist about it and he said I had nothing to lose and could see that it would not cause me any harm. I went and saw a endovasular surgeon and after having a few scans for him and a lengthy consultation he performed an angioplasty on me, ballooning in 3 different places in my left internal jugular vein in April 2012.  Afterwards my balance improved greatly.  I could walk better and climb stairs without hanging on to the railing anymore. I didn’t need my stick to get around anymore. I could stand in the shower without holding onto the railing and could get dressed – pulling my clothes on without falling over.

It made a huge difference to the quality of my life and what I could do. Unfortunately it was a procedure that I had to pay for myself as it is not covered by Medicare. After I had the procedure done I got the word HOPE tattooed on my arm as everyone needs that to hang on to.
Vicki James


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