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Mark MD Sons

I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. I had my first proper attack in March 2011 which left me with a range of typical MS symptoms – poor balance, muscle fatigue, foot drop, poor bladder control, heat intolerance to mention a few. For the first time in my life (I was 37 at the time) MS had forced me to make serious changes in my life – I even purchased a wheel chair. Intrigued by Dr. Zamboni’s research into CCSVI for many years, it was Chrissy Amphlett’s story on ‘Sunday Night’ that got me doing some more research.
I stumbled upon CCSVI Australia’s facebook page and within fifteen minutes had the details of a sonographer who could perform a Doppler ultrasound on my jugular veins. I had it done and there was ‘significant stenosis (narrowing)’ of my veins. One of them that should have 200-300mls per minute of blood draining out of my brain was letting out 8mls a minute!

So long story (kind of short) – I had balloon venoplasty on my jugular veins in May 2012 and I quite literally came back to life. My wife’s words were: ‘I’ve got my husband back.’ So many of my symptoms went away or at least improved – it may sound simple to most but to enjoy a HOT shower for 10 minutes – I was in heaven. My veins started to renarrow though after about 8 weeks and slowly symptoms got worse. I had the procedure done again in September 2012 with similar results.

By May 2013 I’d pretty much gone back to how I was before my first venoplasty. Call me a CCSVI junkie if you will but I just went for my third Venoplasty about a month ago. Discovered my left jugular vein is now occluded (closed). If I was to give some advice – if you have the venoplasty procedure done – get a scan every 3 months to ensure your veins don’t occlude!

I have video’s on a blog of before & after the procedure if you want to take a look – www.ccsvimelbourne.blogspot.com.au

In closing if you have MS or know someone who does this procedure will not make you worse – it will either improve you greatly, improve you a little or do nothing – what have you got to lose? Nothing! What have you got to gain…. Well for me ‘I came back to life.’ Worth doing in my opinion.


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