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I first heard about CCSVI whilst watching ‘Sunday Night’ in April 2012, where I saw Chrissie from the Divinyls and Kerri Cassidy speak about their procedures. I went on-line and checked out all I could and I came across a website for CCSVI Australia. I sent an email asking who and where I could have it done in Melbourne and I received an email with all the details. I rang and made an appointment for a Doppler Ultrasound.

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As I live in rural Victoria and was in Melbourne for just that day, Julie told me that I did have stenosis in both veins, so I stayed overnight and saw the Doctor the next day. Within two weeks I had my first procedure in May 2012. When I came out from the procedure, straight away, I noticed my hands and feet were warmer, my head felt clearer and lighter, my walking was much better, slept better, headaches eased and my balance was better. I could do gardening again without feeling tired. Most of the improvements lasted for 6 months or more.

My last MRI showed I have not formed any more lesions since my MRI in Jan 2012, I am still taking my medication. I had a 2nd procedure on 30th May 2013, hoping this will be my last. This was not as successful as my first, but still I believe it works. If only we could keep our damn veins open!
Lisa Clegg


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