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My story starts 7.5 years into my life living with MS. My life was meant to be wonderful. I had just had a baby and the world was meant to be full of sunshine and lollipops. But it wasn’t.
A relapse 48 hours after having my son sent me spiralling into despair. Sure I also suffered Post Natal Depression and my son had reflux, but they were controllable. My MS wasn’t. According to my Neuro, I was relapsing every two weeks. The relapse meant that I was slowly losing my ability to walk, I was falling and I was slipping slowly into a haze.

I wasn’t on any drugs because I was breastfeeding and I was ready to give that up to get my life back. I remember going into my Neuro’s office begging for Tysabri. Just give me something to start feeling normal again.
So I went on Tysabri, my son’s reflux was being treated, along with my PND. My life was going to be grand. Or was it? The Tysabri made my brain hurt, I was still using my cane, I was falling over and there was a haze that limited my ability to think. I was still in trouble and my family was concerned.

Leanne and Professor Zamboni

Leanne Boothroyd and Paolo Zamboni

My Dad had mentioned something to me about “a guy in Italy” “something to do with veins”, “people having great results” and a girl called “Kerri Cassidy”. I couldn’t take it in. But I took his word and looked it up. I saw videos from Kerri, and cried all the way through watching them. She was just like me! A young mother living in Melbourne who had the CCSVI treatment. I knew that I had to contact her. There was some HOPE for me and getting my life back.

My parents were supportive in investigating CCSVI and what it might do for me. I had the Doppler Ultrasound, and nothing showed up. It got me questioning the whole thing, but I was not going to give this up without a fight. “This isn’t right” I said to myself. “There must be something else that can be done”.

My parents found an Interventional Radiologist in Melbourne who was willing to investigate. He did a Doppler as well and nothing showed up. I knew that an angioplasty had to be done. Through many conversations, I convinced him to do one. He didn’t know what he was looking for (as I was his first patient), but he took his time at looking at the jugulars. Then he found it. He was astounded. A stenosis at the C1/C2 area. He had never seen anything like it. My Dad and I cried when we heard the news. I was treated and even in 30 minutes I could feel a difference.

My vision was better, the colours were brighter, my balance better and my hands and feet were warmer. I kept improving. I ditched my cane, I started back at work and I had my life back. Welcome back Leanne! My walking difficulties have since returned and I am due to have other procedure, but am really looking forward to what this might bring.



A parents’ perspective – Leanne’s parents share their story.


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