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Kylie1I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis in January 2004 after six months of numbness, tingling, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, balance and mobility issues. These issues were very worrying but as an Accountant the brain fog, confusion and memory loss were the symptoms that troubled me the most.

The next five years after diagnosis saw five more relapses with each more severe than the last. A year long battle with optic neuritis had me thinking I was going to have to give up work.

In April 2010 I heard about CCSVI on the internet and wasted no time being tested and treated. The first image is my right hand jugular vein – it is what your jugular vein should look like. The second image is my left jugular vein and as you can see – the blood is not flowing properly.


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I was treated for CCSV I in July 2010 and over the days following the procedure my ‘cog fog’, dizziness, fatigue disappeared and my balance and memory improved. Over the following months I began to feel normal, like I did before I had MS. I could plan things without hoping and praying that I would be function that day.

My jugular vein became blocked again after six months and all the familiar MS symptoms returned – I was disappointed but to me it just validated that the CCSVI theory held some merit and needed further investigation. I had a second treatment and had another ten months of excellent health. I was so confident and felt so good that against medical advice I decided to stop taking my MS medications. I had a relapse in October 2011 but despite this, I truly believe that CCSVI has a part to play in Multiple Sclerosis. Clearly we do not yet fully understand the link between CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis but I’m hopeful the world-wide research currently underway can uncover its role and how the treatment of CCSVI can help MS sufferers

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