Testimonial – Jill Hendy and Marilyn Maddern

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Jill and Marilyn

Jill and Marilyn

Jill Hendy

It’s hard to know where to begin. How do you explain to someone that you’ve been given a 2nd chance.

But I have…. Since having my venoplasty last  November I have been able to rejoin the human race.

With improved mobility, cognitive function and loss of fatigue my life has become considerably better. Don’t get me wrong I still tire and am ready for the nana nap after lunch, but at 51 and with 4 grand-kids I think that’s ok.

Words cannot explain my gratitude to CCSVI Australia & Manfred Spanger for giving me my health and well being back.

Having PPMS for 17 years and being told by neurologists that there was no treatment/medicine available to me I thought I should give it a go. I had nothing to lose and quite possibly something to gain.

Research done and with a lot of prayer I embarked on the journey.  What a ride!  Improvements were noticed immediately, I could walk in bare feet, carry a cup of tea without spilling it (provided it’s not too full) and I looked better once again my eyes were clear not glazed over, colour in my cheeks and my husband even commented the first time he saw me after the procedure that I looked better. Slowly but surely more improvements became evident.

I realize that this is no cure but a huge relief from the rotten symptoms that quite literally rob us of any quality of life. I can only encourage you to give it a go. Best of luck!


Jill’s friend Marilyn Maddern:
The diagnosis of MS sent shivers down my spine when my neighbour and best friend, Jill, told me she was suffering PPMS seventeen years ago. For quite a while, nothing was different, she was the same cheerful person she’d always been.

Then small things started to become obvious; her balance wasn’t so good, coordination was off, carrying a cup of coffee became difficult, she was so tired all the time. It was horrendous seeing someone who had been so vibrant and full of life on a downhill slide, knowing there was very little to be done to stop MS’s miserable progression.

When Jill first heard of CCSVI, everything changed. It was as though a life buoy had been thrown to her, it offered hope and she grabbed it with both hands. But it wasn’t going to be easy, with her doctor and neurologist dismissing the idea completely and warning her not to undergo this ‘untested, experimental’ treatment.

Jill soldiered on, believing this was going to help her symptoms, she underwent venoplasty at the end of 2012. Improvements came immediately and the sparkle came back in her eyes. People she met in the street noticed how much better she looked and moved. The change in her was undeniable.

Jill has been blessed to be a blessing to others. She is so eager to share her story, just ask her. To MS sufferers and the medical fraternity I say – open your mind, listen and please, have ears to hear.

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