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Jennifer and Kevin
Jennifer and Kevin Robinson


I was finally diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) in September 2000. It had taken 6 years of extreme fatigue, constant headaches, walking problems and highly sensitive hands to get to this stage. My progression was slow at first, but by the time 2000 came along and our return to Australia in 2003, I was already having to use elbow crutches.

I had to use a wheelchair when outside and soon my crutches were replaced by a walker when the inside.

In 2009 I became aware of Dr Zamboni’s work and got in contact with Kerri and Helen. By March 2010 we all had angioplasty procedures scheduled.

It took me a week to recover after the procedure, but slowly inch by inch my walking improved. I was able to open out my hands and use them again and I was also able to sit in the sun for much more than a few seconds at a time.

Unfortunately, after 6 weeks, my veins re-stenosed and I started sliding back.

My 2nd angioplasty in May 2010 gave me 4 weeks of improvement before restenosis.

My 3rd angioplasty in December 2010, unfortunately, gave me no improvement at all.
We can only surmise my veins re-stenosed immediately.

CCSVI has given me Hope.
I did improve, albeit for a short time.
I was told angioplasty would not help people with PPMS. They are wrong.
I was told angioplasty would not help people who have been diagnosed for as long as me. They were wrong.
There have been residual improvements, even after 3 years. I am now able to tolerate the sun and my fatigue levels are much better.

I believe research will now look at different paradigms and start to come to grips with exactly why MS starts.

Jennifer Robinson


Read a story from Jennifer’s daughter, Emily.  Her moving testimonial will provide a small insight on the impact of MS on children and their observations of how CCSVI treatment affects their family.


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