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My mother was diagnosed with MS when I was 10 years old. My parents sat me down and explained to me why Mum was frequently tired and why she had started falling over in the streets. They told me that there were no treatment options and it would only get worse. As a child I did not comprehend how this would impact my life. It simply became a part of life.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson

As an only child I grew up quickly. I began walking myself to school, making my own lunches, cooking dinners, helping mum get around the house. I had to learn how to be independent and be a carer at once.

Before I knew it my mother was in a wheelchair, only able to take ten steps in a day between her bedroom and the living room. She would sit all day in her armchair watching TV and sewing. She became an avid quilter. She would make and design quilts to keep her mind active. There were always at least four or five projects on the go at any one time. As her MS progressed machine sewing became more difficult, so she continued to sew her quilts by hand. Eventually she lost grip in her hands altogether. For her this was devastating. To watch this happen knowing there was nothing we could do to help broke my heart every day.


Around this time mum came across CCSVI. She spent hours researching every day to find out what was involved and how she could receive this treatment. She received her first treatment in March 2010. With such a build up our anticipation was high to discover the results. Within days there was a dramatic difference with her symptoms. Her fatigue had dramatically improved, she was able to stand and walk almost unattended and she regained grip in her hands. Every day that passed, she was able to open her hand wider and touch each finger to her thumb with both hands! To most people this may seem like simple, meaningless progress, however knowing this meant she could sew again meant she could have part of her life back. This was one of the happiest moments of my life.


Simply knowing that there was hope she would not be bed ridden seeing her grand children for the first time. Thinking that she may be able to attend my wedding one day and attend the reception. This hope is what gets me through every day and has given Mum a reason to continue getting out of bed each morning. This hope is a priceless gift that everyone should have access to.


Jennifer and Kevin

Jennifer and Kevin Robinson

 Jennifer is Emily’s mum, you can read her story here.


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