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We have introduced a new page on our website so that people within our community can share their story. We have the fortune to hear from people who are treated regularly and it motivates us to keep going! Each week we will upload a new story.

If you want to share yours please email it, along with a photo of yourself, to admin@ccsviaustralia.com.au

Here’s Julie’s story…

“I was broken, repeated hope in medications fizzled out; needles and horrible side effects , I even took the chemo option. 30 years of MS symptoms, 10 years of treatments, then told MS had gone to secondary progressive, and that there were no further treatments available, ‘we’ just had to try to manage symptoms.

I was still walking – just. I had heard of CCSVI a time back, my neuro poo-poo’d it as mumbo jumbo. So I sat, wondering (at least my best attempt at wonder through the brain fog) what was next. I was preparing myself to accept the seemingly inevitability of a wheelchair, to let go of the illusion I had of coping, to surrender and become a fulltime permanent MS patient. Possibilities and answers had run out, or so I was led to believe.

So I sat, in front of the computer, I cannot say what my train of thought was that day, I was just watching a video of Denise Manly, prior to her liberation, I wept as I knew exactly how it felt, to stagger uncontrollably on concrete legs, uncoordinated jabbing movements, the physical and mental confusion. Then post liberation – could that be me too, how, how, how? We live in the country with only the DSP for financial income.

My husband, who is my carer, and rock in my life, assured me there was a way, and he, as always, was right by my side. CCSVI Australia showed the path; family rallied together to raise funds. Within 2 months, on 7th March 2013, I had my liberation.

WOW, I woke up, I literally woke from a darkness, everything sparkled, my head stopped spinning, much physical control returned, and hope of a future filled me, a future in which I will actually be able to hold my grandchildren ….. when they come along of course.” (Julie Archer, treated in Australia on 7th March 2013)