Dr Bill Code visits CCSVI Australia

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Dr Bill Code visits CCSVI researchers and advocates in Australia

We were thrilled to hear several weeks ago that Dr Bill Code, Medical Director of the National CCSVI Society of Canada (NCS), author, MS Researcher and fellow MSer, was visiting our country.  You may have seen Dr Code featured on the video produced by the NCS titled ‘Untangling CCSVI from MS’.

Dr Bill Code and CCSVI Australia

What makes Bill’s story so compelling is that he has lived the experience of Multiple Sclerosis for eighteen years, had his jugular and azygos veins treated in 2010 and he is able to communicate his improvements from both a personal and medical perspective. Bill has dedicated considerable time and effort to CCSVI research, networking and providing a holistic tool kit to help people live well with MS.  He advocates not only for treating the structural abnormalities of CCSVI but also eating well, exercise, supplements and giving up smoking.


Bill met with Professor Ken Thomson and Dr Helen Kavnoudias at the Alfred Hospital to learn about the clinical trial that is underway, hear about the challenges and successes, and to be encouraged by the work being done here.  We are pleased that there will be ongoing communication between CCSVI experts in Canada and Australia.

Dr Bill Code and Kerri Cassidy

Sunday night Bill, and his lovely wife Denise, joined the CCSVI Australia board for a meal at Madame Sousou’s in Fitzroy.  We shared stories, frustrations, experiences and the hope that vascular research is contributing to greater understanding of MS and other Neurological diseases.


The take home message was that organisations such as CCSVI Australia and the National CCSVI Society, CCSVI Alliance, etc should become increasingly connected and work together to see the job done.  We need each other, to provide inspiration in our shared achievements and support when the road gets rough, as it sometimes does.  Bill spent a great deal of time imparting his vast knowledge, brain storming with us and some practical advice about endothelial health (keeping our blood vessels healthy).  His final remarks were that we must look after ourselves so that we can continue to help others.

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet with Bill and Denise and look forward to our continued relationship with our friends in Canada.


For more information on Dr Bill Code, visit his website at http://www.drbillcode.com



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