CCSVI presentation to Melbourne Ionian Club.

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“You could have heard a pin drop”, “Best presentation we’ve had for a long time” and “Kerri spoke in a language that could easily be understood”.


These were just some of the comments after Kerri’s presentation at the Ionian Club (82) of Melbourne when we were invited for a luncheon to present CCSVI Australia with a cheque for $2000.

There were about 50 women who listened intently to Kerri’s speech. She spoke for over 30 minutes of the beginnings of CCSVI, her personal, heartfelt struggle with MS and finally about what our organisation is trying to achieve. Afterwards there were very insightful questions, as many of the women have been health professionals.

After the luncheon Kerri was approached by many who wanted to know more, or give their personal insights into our issues.

Our grateful thanks to the Ionians and especially Anne Geddes who set the ball in motion over a  year ago.

Many clubs support charities throughout the year, perhaps yours does too?

Jennifer Robinson.


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