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From the outside looking in…

I often wonder, after reading all the hundreds of ‘Liberation Therapy’ success stories I’ve read, yes hundreds, why isn’t this procedure still available to us in Australia? It was, only a few short years ago.  I now mostly only read success stories from other countries on various pages via Facebook.



I’m not stupid.  I know CCSVI treatment isn’t a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  So why won’t the Australian Government let me be checked and treated for CCSVI via the Medicare system any more? Why has it suddenly been blocked for those of us who also have MS to get diagnosed and treated?

It has helped people – people I know. People who are human beings and deserve the right like any other Australian to receive subsidised medical treatment.

I believe CCSVI IS a separate disease to MS.  So why is it not treated as a separate/secondary disease?
I am not prevented from getting tested for or being medicated for diabetes which is a separate/secondary disease to MS.  There’s no correlation between the two.  So why am I denied treatment for vein blockages?

This again is a completely separate/secondary disease to my MS.

Are we going to see CCSVI angioplasty become the procedure that is done in back alleys like abortion used to be?

These barriers of discrimination and stupidity really need to be crossed so we can all have access to this procedure.

I suffer from MS and I deserve the right as a human being to be given access to medical procedures that those who do not have MS have access to.

Am I angry? YES

Am I being discriminated against? YES

Is that fair? NO.

I don’t want to be on the outside looking in any more!

*Liisa has not had the opportunity to be tested or receive treatment for CCSVI.

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