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Testimonial – Carol Whittaker

My first and just about only symptom was a heavy left leg and my swimming partner telling me that I was not kicking hard enough. […]

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Testimonial – Lisa Clegg

I first heard about CCSVI whilst watching ‘Sunday Night’ in April 2012, where I saw Chrissie from the Divinyls and Kerri Cassidy speak about their […]

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Testimonial – Robert and Margaret Smith

A Parents’ Perspective There is nothing more daunting to a parent than to have a child diagnosed with a terrible disease, especially when it’s MS. […]

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Testimonial – Leanne Boothroyd

  LEANNE BOOTHROYD’S STORY My story starts 7.5 years into my life living with MS. My life was meant to be wonderful. I had just […]

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Testimonial – Vicki

After reading about CCSVI on the internet and Facebook I went and had my veins scanned to see if I had poor blood flow due […]

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