The Alfred Hospital trial: CCSVI and MS

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Following positive results in a pre-trial of 50 people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2010, The Alfred Hospital commenced a randomised, blinded, controlled study of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) for CCSVI in September 2012.

The study was rigorously reviewed over two years including a submission ratified by MS Research Australia and safety review by the Alfred Ethics committee. See presentation from Dr Helen Kavnoudias for further explanation.

Funding has been raised to complete 30 out of the 160 people required to obtain significant results. Unfortunately a recent NHMRC government funding application was unsuccessful, however, a second submission will be made with preliminary Cogstate results soon to be available.

The Alfred, to date, have diagnosed 4 in 5 participants in this study as having CCSVI.

We at CCSVI Australia recognise the need for scientific study confirming the efficacy and safety of treatments for CCSVI and continue to apply for grants, seek community support and host fundraisers to this end.

It is our hope that this research will enable treatment for CCSVI to be accessible to all people with MS and other Neurological conditions on Medicare as well as provide further evidence for this treatment to be more widely available.

We are grateful for the continued work of the team at The Alfred, including Professor Ken Thomson and Dr Helen Kavnoudias. We are also pleased that Dr Kavnoudias will be presenting prelimary results at the National CCSVI Society of Canada’s annual conference in October 2014. She will be joined by our CEO Kerri Cassidy who will sharing our Australian experience.

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