4 out of 5 people with MS have CCSVI

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4 out of 5 people with MS have CCSVI,
Alfred CCSVI Trial Update

The Alfred Hospital commenced a study of the presence and treatment of CCSVI in people with Multiple Sclerosis in September 2012 (Click here for details of the trial). Initially two participants were enrolled into the trial. In early 2013, after quality control assessments, further enrolments commenced. In the treatment phase, 50% of participants receive balloon angioplasty treatment and the remaining receive a sham. Those who receive the sham are then treated at the 12 month mark. Participants are observed for a total of two years.

ccsvi angioplasty

Abnormal vein receiving balloon angioplasty

An interim data analysis is currently being compiled for results to the six month mark. The Alfred have confirmed that a total of 34 people have been screened, 27 of 34 participants who had the baseline venogram have been confirmed to have CCSVI, 26 of 34 participants have continued on to the treatment phase.  In other words, in this random sample of 34 people with MS, 4 out of 5 have identifiable venous abnormalities in either the jugular and/or azygos veins.

Whilst these are encouraging numbers, the study requires further funding to enrol a total of 160 participants and provide statistically significant results. We hope to hear in July the outcome of an application for funding to the National Health and Research Medical Council. CCSVI Australia and supporters continue to raise funds for this research and we encourage you to help us.

To date we have raised $116,000 with a further $334,000 required. You can make a tax deductible donation here and all funds will go to this research.

You can also support CCSVI Australia by getting involved with events on Go Fundraise.  There are currently a number of fun runs you can join to help raise funds for this research.  If you enter these events please consider selecting CCSVI Australia as your charity of choice.  Check out the events you can enter on Go Fundraise (or create your own event following the link).

We are grateful for the work of the team at The Alfred and those pwMS who have made the commitment to participate in the trial.
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